How did we come to name our company “Pixybug Designs”?

Stephanie LOVES fairies and all things magical, thus the “Pixy” part of our name. When our daughter, Mina was a little girl, we called her “Twiddlebug” from the silly bugs on Sesame Street.  Since we didn’t want a lawsuit, we just used the “bug” part for our name.  Interestingly, Mina’s aunt and uncle once gave her a beautiful custom sketch of her as a fairy for her birthday!

Is this your full-time job?

Ha! Nope, we both have full time “grown up” jobs!  Chris is a lab technician in nutrition for the USDA.  Stephanie is a book keeper/office manager for a small business in Lawrence.  We have both worked those jobs since 1992!

Do you have a store we can visit?

No, sorry we don’t!  We work out of our home, with our front porch as our studio. Chris has one end for his glass working and Stephanie has the other for her bead work.